Throughout my life, I have been fascinated by the art of aesthetics and curation. From a young age, I had a pension for design and fashion, whether I was redesigning my school uniforms in first grade, drawing marker tattoos over my entire body, styling my friends outfits for bar mitzvahs, or painting my room four different colors within a couple years. It was safe to say that there was a deep love for anything creative and expressive, and more importantly, wearable.  Overtime, I became a student of all things style. Although I majored in Advertising at the University of San Francisco, style remained a passion of mine, persisting as my first love. Throughout my career, I have had wonderful opportunities in many areas of the fashion world. I was the executive assistant to celebrity stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles areas, as well as assisting in the design team at NewBark and assisting at jewelry company Multipearl.  My main goal in my work as a conceptual stylist, consultant, and writer, is to merge the world of fashion with art and humanity. Above all, clothes are to be worn and loved. This philosophy is what has kept me going and growing. 



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