Personal Wardrobe Styling

Starting with a consultation, you and Elise will discuss your current style, what your desires are, what you like and dislike about your wardrobe, and where you want to end up style wise. Elise will first work with your current wardrobe to create new looks based on you and your life. Elise will then shop for new pieces to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe. She will bring them to you for an in-house style session and fitting. From what you decide to purchase, she will create new looks for you, and create a personalized lookbook.

Starter Closet Organization and Edit

Have you ever looked at your closet and felt totally out of control? The main focus of this package is to start from the ground up on the current state of your closet. Purging, editing, color coding, and organizing your closet makes for a fantastic fresh start. This package will help you feel in control of your personal style and decluttered in your closet!

Advanced Closet Organization and Edit

If your closet needs a full on rehaul, look no further. This package focuses on elements of the Starter Package like purging, editing, color coding, and organization, but also includes reconceptualizing the design of your closet, how we can maximize space and organization, as well as creating a supplemental wardrobe list of items to fill in the gaps of your style profile. We will work together on how your closet can work best for YOU.

Wardrobe Refresh Package

Out with the old, and in with the new. This package’s main focus is purging dated, lack luster items that you no longer love, and replacing them with high quality pieces, from timeless classics to fashion forward and seasonal picks. Elise will go through your current closet and focus on editing out old items. She will then create a supplemental wardrobe list, and you will work together on filling in the gaps for your new wardrobe. With our list as a guide, Elise will shop for you, and bring the pieces to your home for an in-house fitting and styling session.

Virtual Styling

Virtual styling is perfect for someone who is always on the go and doesn't have time for a full in-person session. The focus of virtual styling is to help you define your style, ease your shopping needs, and assist you with any fashion and styling related questions you may have, with the convenience of working through email or FaceTime. 

Bridal Styling

Elise works with brides on finding the perfect dress for the big day- as well as other looks for the Bridal Party, Groomsmen, and any other Wedding Events.

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